I am a freelance photographer from Melbourne. My interest in photography is broad, and practicing across a variety of subjects, I’ve found that my consistent interest is in people and their occupation of spaces and environments. This I put down to my nature, which I also believe lead me into my first profession, architecture.

I still practice architecture as well as other forms of design related creative output but the outside perspective of the environment that photography offers me along with the immediacy stimulates me immensely. Parallels are ever present between both areas of practice and I find this fascinating. ‘Building’ a scene up from elements of light, object, subject and even motion in photography differs drastically from architectural process yet the manipulation of these parts into a whole is somewhat similar.

While my photographic work sways towards the still life and the more landscape realm of subjects, I have no limitations to the areas in which I practice. My interest is in producing rich imagery that holds the viewer’s attention whatever the subject.